Difference Between Journal and Article (With Table)

In today’s world, we have different forms of writing that target different categories of people. Article and Journal are two categories of writing. Journal and article are two different things but seem exactly similar things to each other. So, they confuse people a lot. 

Journal is the most common type of source that comes out on a regular basis, mostly three to four times a year. And the journal contains individual articles.

Article vs Journaling

The main difference between articles and journaling is their length. The article is small concise and written specifically about any topic. On the other hand, a journal is a large and wide collection of articles that are being written on a particular topic.

Difference Between a Journal and an Article

An article is being written on any non-fictional topic that can be published in electronic media and print form. It is written on a specific topic. You can find articles in your academic book, magazines, newspaper, blogs, websites, etc. It can take up to 2 to 3 hours to write an article on a given topic

A journal is a collection of articles that include things like magazines, dairy, and other daily personal and professional writing activities, and research papers. It is published every month or every year. A journal also refers to the writing of professors and researchers.

Comparison Table Between an Article and a Journal

PropertiesAn articleA journal
OriginThis word got originated from the Latin word ‘articulus’, which means ‘small joint’. We can also find its roots in Old French, where it got denoted as ‘article’, where it meant the separate part of anything written. This word got originated from the Latin word ‘diurnalis’, which means ‘daily’. This word got attached to the English language through the Anglo-French word ‘jurnal’, where it got used to describe the record of a transaction.
PublicationIt can be published on blogs, websites, academic books, newspapers etc It gets published as a book, research papers, academic books, the internet etc.
GenreIt is a work of nonfiction. It is written mostly on burning issues.It has been written mostly as academic work, research papers, and personal writings.
AimThis writing aims to make readers aware of the current issues of the world. This writing aims to give detailed information to the reader about professional courses.
TimeIt takes 2 to 2 hours to write an article on any topic. It takes an average of one month to write a journal.
DefinitionAn article is a long-form of essay that is written on a current issue.A journal is a collection of essays mostly written by well-versed people in the research and teaching industry.

What is an Article?

An article is a collection of a large number of words being written on any burning topic. It is defined as a work of non-fiction and gives useful information to the reader. It gets published in newspapers, academic books, magazines, blogs, websites, etc. 

An article has five parts. These parts are – heading, introduction, context, body, and conclusion. Let’s define these parts one by one.

  1. The heading is the topic that tells the reader what he is going to read.
  1. The introduction gives a brief review of the article. It tells the reader what the writer is about to say in the article.
  1. The context includes the name of the writer and his work.
  1. The body includes everything from top to bottom. It provides information in detail to readers. It gets divided into several paragraphs.
  1. The conclusion refers to the summary of the article. It describes what the writer has written in the article in brief.

What is a Journal?

A journal is a daily record of dairies, research, and accounting. It is a large collection of articles such as magazines, and academic journals. There are mostly four types of journals which are- scholarly journals, entertainment journals, personal journals, and business or accounting journals. Let us discuss them one by one.

  1. Scholarly journals are open access journals, which means this is available on the internet, and anyone can get access it. These journals get financed by the government or institution.
  2. Entertainment journals are those which get published every month and contain the burning issues of the world. Magazines are the perfect example of this kind of journal.
  3. Personal journals include the writing of a person’s daily activity. Dairy writing is an example of this kind of journal.
  4. Business and accounting journals gets used in offices, banks, and other working institutions for bookkeeping and including the transactions record.

Main Differences between an Article and a Journal

  1. An article is a work of literature and writing articles is a skill. On the other hand, a journal is a form of publication.
  2. An article is a nonfiction in nature. On the other hand, a journal is gets written on academic research work by professors.
  3. An article is short and can get written in an hour. On the other hand, a journal takes on an average of 1 month to get finished.
  4. Anyone can write an article. On the other hand, experienced researchers and professors write a journal.
  5. An article gets written on the topic of interest of people or the current situation. On the other hand, a journal gets written in a specific field of study. A journal can be a collection of articles.


Articles and journals are two different things. An article is a collection of words written on a particular topic while a journal is a collection of articles on various topics. Both of these gets used in the context of writing things. 

Articles get published on blogs, websites, newspapers, etc. And journals get published as research papers, books, diaries and magazines.


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