Difference Between Country Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Steak (With Table)

Most often than not, a number of foodies around the world, perceive two different classic American staple dishes to be similar. Although they are not entirely wrong in doing so as both of these share basic formula. This article aims to clear the perplexity about these two comfort food dishes for most of the American people, Country fried steak and Chicken fried steak.

Country Fried Steak vs Chicken Fried Steak

The main difference between country fried steak and chicken fried steak is that of the color and ingredients used to make the gravy. Brown gravy used to dish out country fried steak is made from meat and vegetables whereas chicken fried steak employs white creamy or sausage gravy produced using eggs.

Country Fried Steak vs Chicken Fried Steak

Typically, Country fried steak is a breaded cube steak having smothered outer coating and dished out with onions and brown gravy. Introduced to United States in the middle of nineteenth century, it has acquired the title of a staple dish over there especially in Southern states of America.

Chicken fried steak is also a breaded cube steak but egg is used in its preparation and it is dished out with peppery white creamy gravy. Adored with a crunchy outer coat it is the modified form of country fried steak.

Comparison Table Between Country Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Steak

Parameters of ComparisonCountry Fried SteakChicken Fried Steak
DefinitionPrepared with breaded cube steak and dished out with onions and brown gravyChicken fried steak is prepared with breaded cube steak along with the eggs and dished out with creamy white gravy
Regional StrongholdsSouthern American states viz., Georgia, Louisiana, Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee, MississippiCentral United states like Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri
Time of OriginMiddle nineteenth centuryEarly twentieth century
Gravy ColorBrownPeppery white
Outer CoatingSimple and less crispyCrispier made from a mixture of flour, different seasonings

What is Country Fried Steak ?

Country fried steak is a staple food dish in southern parts of United States of America that is prepared with cube steak and dished out with onions and brown gravy. Brown gravy is made of the drippings from the roasted meat which is cooked and reduced on high heat with vegetables like celery leek, cabbages, etc.

A mixture of water combined with either flour or cornstarch helps it to get thickened. It is generally served over white rice or mashed potatoes. Cooking method of this dish is based on ‘Wiener schnitzel’, a German dish brought to southern America by the immigrants in middle of nineteenth century.

Lower prices and the convenient recipe has made it quite popular since its introduction. Simply cutting this dish into the strips, lead to the preparation of what we call as ‘Steak fingers’ generally served with French fries and Texas toast.

What is Chicken Fried Steak?

Chicken fried steak is actually a more recent tweak of Country fried steak, which started getting popularity in and around early twentieth century. In contrast to the name given to it, beef is used to prepare chicken fried steak instead of chicken. The word ‘Chicken’ refers to the manner in which it is prepared just like the conventional fried chicken.

It is a tenderized cheap cut of beef or a cube steak coated with egg batter and dredged in the flour with salt, pepper and other such spices. After accompanying with deep-frying, it is served with white creamy or sausage gravy. Chicken fried steak has a thick flour crust that makes it all the more robust and crunchy when fried deep.

Main Differences Between Country Fried Steak and Chicken Fried Steak

  1. Country fried chicken originated much earlier than the chicken fried steak. The former was introduced to United States in the middle of 19th century and the origin is traced to the Germany. Chicken fried steak is a comparatively recent version of country fried steak modified in early 20th century.
  2. Both the dishes are popular in different areas of United States. Country fried steak is most popular in Southern American states viz., Georgia, Louisiana, Carolinas, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, etc. whereas Chicken fried steak is preferred by the people of Central United states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri.
  3. Country fried steak is a dish prepared with breaded cube steak and garnished with onions and brown gravy whereas chicken fried steak, is also dished out from breaded steak but contains egg as well.
  4. The color of gravy as well the ingredients used in its synthesis are also distinct for both dishes. A brown colored gravy with onions for garnishing is associated with country fried steak. On the other hand, chicken fried steak has peppery white creamy gravy made from the eggs. A few regions are exception to this where even a chicken fried steak is served with brown gravy.
  5. Outer coating of the steaks of these dishes varies lot in its crispiness. Country fried steak has simple and smothered coating whereas chicken fried steak is associated with very crispy outer coating. In fact, gravy is served along the side in case of chicken fried steak adding to its crispiness unlike country fried steak wherein dish is served only after the gravy is absorbed completely by it.


Hence, these dishes prepared from a piece of steak dipped in batter, fried in a cast-iron skillet and covered with gravy may sound similar, that too, when a number of ingredients used in the process of preparation are also identical. However, these are two distinct dishes having a lot in common.

Most appropriate way to say this is that the chicken fried steak has been derived from the conventional country fried steak thereby having some variations and similarities with its ancestral version.


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