Difference Between Beef Broth and Beef Consomme (With Table)

Beef Broth, and Beef Consomme, both are similar in terms of their state that is liquid. Both of these are flavourful liquids. Consomme beef is the perfect version of beef broth. However, several factors create differences between Beef Broth and Beef Consomme. 

Beef Broth vs Beef Consomme

The main difference between beef broth and beef consomme is that the beef broth gets prepared by gently boiling (the harder parts like bone marrow and parts of meat that are not eaten by people) in the water. On the other hand, beef consomme gets prepared by mixing egg whites and beef broth. 

Beef Broth gets prepared from the harder parts of the cow body. This is a classical liquid dish and does not mix up with anything while cooking. However, nowadays in places, people add onion, garlic, carrot and another foodstuff in beef broth. It takes 24 hours to prepare beef broth at home. Therefore, people tend to buy it from the market.

Beef Consomme also termed clarified beef gets prepared by mixing eggs in beef broth juice. Flavouring food material like onion, parsley, carrots, ground beef, tomatoes etc. gets added to consomme to give it a fresh and juicy flavour. Preparing consomme is a time-consuming process. Therefore, people avoid making it at home.

Comparison Table Between Beef Broth and Beef Consomme 

PropertiesBeef BrothBeef Consomme
PreparationThe beef broth gets prepared by simmering (removing all the fats from the surface of the chunk before simmering) small chunks of beef in water. This causes the nutrient to get mixed with water on heating. The heating temperature should be less, and never let the broth boil as it can get cloudy. First, you need to separate the white and the yellow parts of an egg. Next, whisk the separated egg whites with an electric whisk for at least three minutes ( this creates stiff peaks). Afterwards, Mix this egg white with prepared beef broth. Add whatever vegetables you want to add. Next, heat the mixture under a low temperature for several hours until the temperature does not get up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
Time consumptionPreparation of beef broth takes up to 24 hours.  This too is a time-consuming process.
AppearanceBeef broth does not have grease and has a light brown colour. It is also very clear and thin. Beef consommes get clear after the straining process. It is thick and dark amber
FlavourDue to the absence of external agents, beef broth has a mild beefy flavour. Beef consomme has a powerful beefy flavour because of the presence of beef broth.
NutrientsBeef broth does not contain many nutrients, calories, and even protein. But it is rich in sodium which is something a consumer has to be aware of. Beef consomme too does not contain many nutrients but the protein value in a cup of beef consomme is 2 grams more than the protein value in a cup of beef broth.  
UseIt is most commonly used for making gravies and also used in the preparation of soups and sauces, braising of vegetables and meat. There are even people who like to drink the beef broth. The uses of beef consomme are – in preparation of soup, sauce and stews, and in serving as soup. 

What is Beef Broth?

Beef broth is a liquid juice made out of the cow’s body. In French, it is also known as Bouillon. These are prepared to give flavour to other foods, but some people also drink them alone. At the start of the 20th century, dehydrated broth (bouillon cubes) commercialized the market. But, the homemade beef broth has a delicious aroma, flavour and most important it has freshness. 

One more type of beef broth is condensed beef broth. The condensed beef broth is thicker and more favourable than concentrated beef broth. Sometimes, the condensed beef broth gets used as an important substitute for beef consomme because of its intense flavour. However, the taste of the condensed beef broth and consomme beef are different from one another.

The 12th-century beef broth was used for the treatment of flu, asthma, and the common cold. Later, it was regarded as Jewish penicillin because of its ability to cure diseases.

What is Consomme Beef?

The term consomme was first used in French for defining the process of making some particular food items. In English, consomme means perfect. Some years passed, and people of upper-class society used the word to define a dish which is consomme beef. At that time, this dish was eaten up by the upper people in Europe. 

Nowadays, consomme beef is a better version of beef broth. However, It is thicker than beef broth. The preparation of consomme beef takes several complicated steps. After preparation, it is advisable to purify the consomme beef, but some people opt to leave it. 

In the 1960s, the combination of this dish (consomme beef) and vodka was very famous. This drink was then known as a Bullshot. Bullshot was prepared by adding 2 parts consomme beef, lemon, ice, and tabasco in vodka. 

Main Differences Between Beef Broth and Consomme Beef

  1. Beef parts added with water makes the beef broth. On the other hand, consomme beef gets prepared by mixing egg white and beef broth.
  2. The process of making beef broth is not complicated. On the other hand, the preparation of consomme beef passed through complicated steps.
  3. The Beef broth does not contain many nutrients, proteins and calories. On the other hand, consomme beef contains proteins because of the presence of eggs.
  4. The Beef broth has a mild beefy taste. On the other hand, consomme beef has a concentrated beefy taste.


Beef broth and consomme beef get eaten up by a large portion of the society. They do not contain healthy nutrients. However, there is an excessive presence of sodium in both the food material. Therefore, one should consume these things in a lesser amount as it can cause hypertension. 


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