Difference Between AVG and McAfee (With Table)

Antivirus software protects a device against malware by screening, identifying, and deleting them. Once installed, most Antivirus software operates in the background, offering security against viral attacks. AVG and McAfee are two well-known antivirus products that are among the best options for cybersecurity.

AVG vs McAfee

The main difference between AVG and McAfee is that AVG includes extra security capabilities. AVG can detect a diverse spectrum of malware types. On the other hand, McAfee requires the installation of plugins in terms of access to better security features.

AVG is ideal for computer networks since it can be installed wirelessly on one device and promptly deployed on other workstations in the organization. It also serves as an antivirus for cellphones when used in conjunction with the AVG app. By covering malicious activity and risky connections, this free program safeguards users from ransomware.

McAfee is very well for tested methods for dealing with any form of computer danger, from bugs, Trojans, and viruses to complex tools such as applications, sprayers, exploit kits, and others. Your problem can be fixed in a couple of minutes. It has a wide range of security measures and other features. McAfee Total Protection is available in four pricing categories, ranging from basic users through partners, families, and friends, and even unlimited devices.

Comparison Table Between AVG and McAfee

Virus identificationDepending on the outcomes of the tests, AVG was demonstrated to just be sensitive enough to detect any virus that was provided to it.McAfee’s ability to detect all viruses was restricted, leaving only a small percentage of ransomware undetected.
The efficiency of system functioningAVG Antivirus is well-known for its lightning-fast malware scans.McAfee antivirus program consumes a huge amount of resources.
Customer assistanceWhenever it comes to customer support, AVG significantly exceeds McAfee.McAfee falls behind every other area, considering clients can only get help via instant message.
PriceAVG anti-virus software is much less priced than competitor products.McAfee is a little more costly than some other anti-virus applications available.

Anti-Virus User Interface
The AVG functionality has a dark color scheme. This layout may be challenging to use for some customers.This antivirus layout is fantastic even though it is simple to use because everything is easy to track down.
Antivirus Program Installation
The installation procedure is straightforward, as a DVD with the effect is the ability is provided.Many customers have mentioned unhappiness with the setup process.

What is AVG?

AVG, often known as Antivirus Defender, is a capable antivirus that has grown in terms of popularity. AVG offers numerous services at a somewhat greater price than its competitors. It specializes in the detection of Spyware and viruses.

It swiftly runs testing methods and analyses in the background. It checks the computer while it is not in use to ensure that its task is completed properly. It can traverse the whole system while putting too much load on the framework that focuses.

It may also check links or attachments and prevent any files that are questionable or include viruses. AVG is also recognized to aid in the encryption and password management of files. It also has an improved router, which is essential for protecting a gadget during online purchasing. AVG also offers a Camera Trap function that captures anyone who fails to unlock a device after three attempts.

AVG also provides additional protection with its Anti-theft technology, which safeguards an identity claim. It also protects one’s identification by protecting the Webcam to avoid hacking and later filming without the user’s agreement.

AVG’s customer service is amazing. A consumer can contact customer service by mail, training, or by calling them. In a nutshell, AVG offers a full package.

What is McAfee?

McAfee antivirus is well-known for its capacity to scan items that we access in near real-time. This antivirus does scanning using the McAfee Real-time threat Defense technology. McAfee is a company that specializes in Android systems. It also includes the standard functions of detecting attacks and anti-theft protection for identity verification.

It also has a router that, while not as effective as the AVG firewall, is nevertheless useful in protecting a PC.

McAfee’s comprehensive protection and McAfee Active live Safe are the two products that are currently available. The Total Security package includes all of the capabilities said above, as well as a Network Administrator and Parental Monitoring, both of which may safeguard children while they are surfing the internet. Live Safe is comparable to another program only it includes 1 GB of cloud storage.

McAfee also offers a cash guarantee, promising a refund or replacement or uninstallation of any virus found.

Main Differences Between AVG and McAfee

  1. AVG is regarded to deliver superior malware protection, especially in comparison to McAfee. This safety feature is owing to its specific firewall upgrades.
  2. AVG safeguards a person by encrypting their Webcam as well, eliminating the possibility of hacking.
  3. AVG also offers enhanced data security by password protecting and encrypting certain files.
  4. AVG scans the device for upgrades faster than McAfee.
  5. AVG also has a basic program that includes functions such as regular scans, barring hazardous sites, and email attachments, but McAfee does not.
  6. AVG offers less expensive subscriptions with a few extra features, especially in comparison to McAfee.


McAfee is a strong rival that will offer superior malware protection with its new McAfee Threat Detection Defense. In addition, characteristics like parental responsibility and a network analyzer make it an excellent pick.

However, AVG outperforms McAfee with its sophisticated security and anti-theft capabilities. AVG is a fantastic pick because of these qualities. Furthermore, the pricing of the packages and the rapidity with which that antivirus scans a machine are unrivaled. AVG also has a quality customer system that can help in points of times of need. The mobile app, as well as the basic plan for just a laptop or desktop computer, win the award.


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