Difference Between Airport and Aerodrome (With Table)

An aerodrome or airdrome is a site where aviation activities may take place. ICAO certification standards or regulatory requirements that a typical terminal may not distinguish an airport from a standard airfield.

“Air course” is the literal translation of the term aerodrome, derived from the Greek words aeros and dromos. In hindsight, aerodromes, or airdromes Anywhere from an isolated airstrip in the middle of nowhere to a significant international hub may be considered an airport. The United Kingdom and other Commonwealth nations utilize airfields more often than other countries worldwide.

Airport vs Aerodrome

The main difference between airport and aerodrome is that “airport” and “aerodrome” have significant differences. However, both names are commonly used interchangeably due to their similarity, which is erroneous since an airport and an airdrome are two distinct entities.

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An airport is where various aviation activities, including transportation and maintenance, are performed. In contrast to international terminals, domestic terminals travel inside a country, while international terminals are for overseas travel compared to international terminals. There are now 34 international airports in India, with 1,200 international airports worldwide.

Aerodromes are where aircraft may take off and land in the most basic sense. An airport doesn’t need extra facilities like maintenance, air traffic control, or even a waiting area to function well. Aerodromes include Pulkovo Airport in Russia, Vancouver International Water Airport in Canada, and others.

Comparison Table Between Airport and Aerodrome

Parameters of ComparisonAirportAerodrome
DefinitionAn airport is a facility used primarily for commercial air travel where aircraft take off and land.Anything where flight operations may be carried out from a centralized location
GuidelinesIt must meet international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations to operate an airport.Except for safety standards, there are no explicit rules.
FunctionsEnsure that an aircraft can safely land and take off. Allow the storing of an aircraft to take place. Control the flow of air traffic.Taking off and landing is essential for an airplane.
OrderAirports of a certain kind are known as aerodromes.Aerodromes are not the only kind of airport.
Used inEverywhereCommonwealth countries and the United Kingdom

What is an Airport?

An airport is just a spot where aircraft arrive and depart. Hangars and terminal buildings are among the several components of the airport. The runway and level landing platform are only a few of the many features. When these services are available, airports also house aircraft for storage and maintenance. An airport’s takeoffs and landings may need the use of water.

Besides the regular passenger services like restaurants, lounges, and emergency services, bigger airports may include a permanent base operator, air traffic control, and a seaplane dock or ramp as an additional perk for passengers. Private businesses run many of the world’s airports, leased from national governments. May also obtain air traffic control, fire and rescue, and aircraft maintenance from this location. An international airport has domestic and international terminals, making it possible for passengers to travel both inside and outside the country. Brazil and Mexico are just behind the United States in terms of airports.

Additional infrastructure, such as runways, must be constructed for a commercial airport to function. Designers consider the airport’s location, its elevation, and the surrounding environment before deciding on the best course of action. There are four primary ways to design an airport: a single, parallel, open-V, or intersecting runway arrangement.

What is an Aerodrome?

An aerodrome is a place where planes land to take off and land, whether they’re carrying people, cargo, or both. This category includes large commercial and smaller general aviation airports and military airbases. “Aerodrome” is used more often in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations than in any other country, although it is almost unheard of in US English. According to the International Air Transport Association, an aerodrome is “a predetermined area on inland waterways ” where aircraft land, carry off, including move about on the water surface (ICAO).

In the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations, the word “aerodrome” but, in the United States. An airport is where an aircraft may land or take off from land or water. Terminals may be as vast as the busiest airport globally or as little as a dirt strip in the middle of nowhere. Military airfields are also known as aerodromes.

Aerodromes are open water bodies where floatplanes, seaplanes, and other aircraft may land and take off, as previously mentioned. In contrast to an airport, an airfield lacks any additional buildings or infrastructure. Aerodromes come in four varieties.

Main Differences Between Airport and Aerodrome

In aviation, both airports and aerodromes are critical locations to be. It’s essential to know the distinctions between the two, even though they may use them interchangeably in certain situations.

  • Planes may land and take off from an airfield. Landing and taking off in a helicopter, a fixed-wing aircraft, or a blimp occur at an airport.
  • Airports must meet international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) requirements. Aerodromes do not have any specified criteria other than safety rules.
  • However, not all aerodromes may serve as airports, even though airports can lead to as aerodromes. May conduct aviation operations at airfields, the most basic of aviation facilities.
  • Both aerodromes and airports include small general aviation airfields, military airbases, major commercial airfields, seaplane, and STOLports.
  • The word “airport” is widely used all across the globe nowadays, and it is nearly unheard of in places outside of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth nations to refer to an airfield as such.


Even though airports and aerodromes belong to the exact location in many nations, there are substantial distinctions between the two names in their meaning. At an airport, you may do everything from shopping to dining at one of the numerous eateries located on the grounds. Lounges, bars, cafes, and gift stores are among the facilities available at the site. Among the busiest public areas in job listings is the airport, one of the busiest public places in terms of job postings.

The airport is just one kind of aerodrome; numerous other airfields perform various tasks. These two locations do have one thing in common: airports are both suitable for taking off or landing aircraft for both local and international flights.


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