Difference Between Air Purifier and Diffuser

An air purifier is a great device to have in our house. In these times of covid and so on, we have suddenly demanded a lot of socially safe equipment. We have in these times, suddenly started purchasing so many of the hospital equipment such as oximeters, purifiers, and diffusers.

Air Purifier vs Diffuser

The main difference between Air purifiers and diffusers is that they have some technical differences and these differences are going to be discussed in the following article. The air purifiers work on very different levels as compared to the diffusers. While air purifiers work on more medical levels, the diffusers are on very generic terms.

Difference between Air Purifier and Diffuser

Air purifiers are the lighter versions of diffusers can be said. Air purifiers are kind of filtering devices that take in the impure air of the surroundings and bring out the freshness in them. They are a lot different in many terms from diffusers that push the freshness into the air.

A diffuser is one of the generic things that we find in our house, but do not give much medical value to it. We have hardly seen diffusers in a medical facility but air purifiers can frequently be seen in medical areas. In such cases, the diffuser is less of a technical component and is more contributor to the environment.

Comparison Table between Air Purifier and Diffuser

Parameters of ComparisonAir PurifierDiffuser
Area of purificationThe surrounding air is sucked into the machine and it is scanned though the different filters to make it safe for use.There is no mention or excuse of sucking the air in. The diffuser is something that already has a fragrance material and it is released into the air.
FragranceNo fragrance is added to the air when it is treated and then released back.There is a fragrance that is added to the processed air, whenever the diffuser is used.
MaterialIt is a very medical equipment which has a plastic covering and multiple filters of different materials.It is more towards the ambience material. It has a cloth finishing like cotton or other clothing fibers, it can also have a professional exterior.
Mode of useUsed in medical and technical areas where there is a dire need for a purifier after infectious movement It is used in non technical areas when there is a need for a fragrance to be added to the surrounding. It is also used for a formal function.
ScopeUse increased after the increase in the pandemic’s effectWas available from a long time, and was in use as small mood makers

What is Air Purifier?

An air purifier is a technical device that helps us to have a cleaner environment. The air purifier has a technical component that sucks in the harmful air or the impure air and then filters it through the many filters that are contained within the machine and then this filtered air is released into the atmosphere.

The filtered air is easy to say but there are a lot of processes involved in the filtration process that make the final product. We do not imagine the workload taken up by a purifier and this is what makes a machine more adequate for such a service as compared to the main scale manual intervention.

The filtered air is after a lot of filtration procedures. The machine has dust filters that stop all the huge particles inside the air. Next, the extraneous water from the air is taken out and we get un hydrated air which we can easily inhale or stay in as compared to wet and moist air. There is also the process of cleaning the air.

The purifier has filters of the UV level and so many other filters that do not let even the molecular level troubles pass through and the air that is finally released is devoid of all impurities and is completely safe for use.

What is Diffuser?

A diffuser is a machine of the lighter note which is almost equal to the homemade fragrance holders and emitters. In church processions and such ceremonies, we have so many sweet-smelling chemicals all around the place to give peace to the people in the gathering. Smells are very important parts of the atmosphere.

A calm mind can get us deals that we could not even think of, and in the middle of all these comes the idea of a diffuser. The diffuser is one such thing in modern times that has a great exterior that is attractive in appearance, but it is not that complex.

It allows the fragrance within it to be mixed with the air around and consequently spread the smell.

Main Differences between Air Purifier and Diffuser

  • The major difference between the two is that, they are used as very technical and non-technical aspect related stuffs.
  • The air purifier was in existence from a very long time, but people did not need to have it a lot because they were always on the run. The pandemic brought to light, the necessity of having a purifier.
  • The diffuser is in simple terms a great mood maker. The senses of the body are great things to influence if we are trying to set an environment.
  • A good sweet smelling fragrance in the air, and light music and we have an audience that is willing to listen and participate in calm ways.
  • The filters in the purifier is a very technical area which needs to be maintained and cleaned by the professionals at least once a year. The diffuser is on a lighter note and does not require a lot of maintenance.


The machines and the consequent devices like the purifiers and the diffusers differ from each other on so many levels. The technicalities of the amchines are what make them so important.

It is most of the times; not the actual product we are talking about, the purifier can also make the house seem fresh and the diffuser can make the house seem pollution free. It depends on the user and how they like to get the product match their expectations.




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