Difference Between Aikido and Pencak Silat (With Table)

Aikido is considered a non-aggressive martial art, as it does not involve any punches or kicks. The practice of Aikido focuses on redirecting an attack’s momentum so that the attacker is thrown from their feet. Pencak Silat focuses mainly on self-defense against attackers wielding knives or other kinds of weapons. 

Aikido vs Pencak Silat

The main difference between Aikido and Pencak Silat is that in Aikido, the attacker devotes all of his force to tossing the opponent. On the other hand, Pencak Silat is a type of fighting known for its skill and martial art concentration on weaponry.

Difference Between Aikido and Pencak Silat

Aikido is a martial technique practised in Japan. The attacker tosses his opponent with all of his might in the martial art of Aikido. However, instead of landing on top of his opponent, the attacker is flung to the ground by a countermovement.

Pencak Silat is an ancient martial technique that has been practised for thousands of years. In Indonesia, it is one of the most widely practised martial arts. This kind of martial arts has been practised for centuries and is still popular today. Those who discovered this martial technique have yet to determine its actual origin. As a result, it is passed on orally from generation to generation.

Comparison Table Between Aikido and Pencak Silat

Parameters of ComparisonAikidoPencak Silat
Description   Aikido is a Japanese term that consists of three syllables: ai, ki, and do, all of which signify “to combine forces.”Pencak silat is a term that combines the terms “pencak” and “silat.” Silat was popular in Sumatra, whereas Pencak was popular in Central and Eastern Java.
Course of actionThe attacker in Aikido concentrates all of his energy on tossing the opponent. Pencak Silat is a kind of combat that is recognised for its skill. It’s a martial art with a focus on weapons.
Uniform Aikido uniforms consist of white slacks and wraparound coats.  Pencak Silat wears a two-piece black outfit.  
OriginMorihei Ueshiba initially discovered this martial style in Japan.The exact origin of Pencak Silat has yet to be determined by those who found this martial art.
Weapons Aikido has less use of firearms as compared to Pencak Silat.Pencak Silat has a more significant usage of weapons.
Primary objective Grappling and softness are the main focus of Aikido.The primary objective of Pencak Silat is Self-Defense.

 What is Aikido?

The martial art of Aikido is a non-aggressive form of self-defence. The attacker throws his opponent with all of his strength, but the defender remains relaxed and flows with the attack, redirecting the momentum in a safe direction.

The attacker is thrown because he has thrown himself – any physical force does not throw him from the defender. The opponent’s energy is turned against him. In Aikido, we do not struggle with an opponent; instead, we use the power of an attack to our advantage.

Aikidoist moves in a circular motion to use the attacker’s energy against him. He redirects the momentum of the attack and sends his opponent flying through the air.

The attacker must overcome inertia and is thrown off balance by his momentum. By redirecting the opponent’s movements, the defender can take control of this situation.

In addition to its martial arts applications, this concept can also be applied to other contexts. In general, it means that instead of fighting an opponent head-on, you can use your opponent’s strength and momentum against them. This is often a more effective tactic than fighting force with force.

In a way, this is like listening to any angry or upset person. Instead of meeting them head-on with an opposing point of view, Aikido teaches us to listen for the pain behind their anger and then move in a direction that allows that pain to be released.

What is Pencak Silat?

Pencak silat is an Indonesian martial art. It’s also known as skilled combat. It is a martial art that is based on the use of weapons. Striking, kicking and weaponry are all used in this martial art.

Pencak silat has a long history. It was created in the 13th century by the Majapahit people. They were ancient seafaring people who came from the island of Java in Indonesia.

They created Pencak silat to defend themselves from invaders from other countries like China, Japan, and India. These invaders would come to their island and try to take over. The people needed a way to fight back.

Pencak silat was used in battle until around the 16th century when guns were used. Since then, it has continued to be practised as a sport and for self-defence purposes only.

Pencak Silat is still taught today in both traditional and modern forms. Many schools of this type of martial arts all over Indonesia, including some that teach it internationally, like San Diego Pencak Silat located in California, USA or Yashima Pencak Silat situated in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where they have been teaching it since the early 1960s!

Main Differences Between Aikido and Pencak Silat 

  1. Weapons are used less frequently in Aikido than they are in Pencak Silat.
  2. The primary focus of Aikido is grappling and gentleness, whereas the primary focus of Pencak Silat is self-defence.
  3. Aikido is a Japanese word made out of three syllables: ai, ki, and do, which together mean “to join forces.” On the other hand, Pencak silat is a phrase that combines the words “pencak” and “silat.” Pencak was popular in Central Java, whilst Silat was prominent in Sumatra.
  4. Aikido outfits consist of white pants and wraparound jackets, whereas Pencak Silat wears a two-piece black uniform.
  5. Morihei Ueshiba created Aikido in Japan; however, the origins of Pencak Silat are yet to be identified by those who discovered this martial art. 


Aikido and Pencak Silat are two separate types of martial arts. In Aikido, the attacker concentrates all of their energy on throwing. Pencak Silat is a martial art that combines striking, kicking, and weapons.

These martial arts have developed into popular forms of self-defence over the last few years. If you’re looking for a new way to defend yourself against an attacker, then Aikido and Pencak silat are both great options.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that Morihei Ueshiba created. Ueshiba was a renowned martial artist who studied many fighting styles, including sumo wrestling and jujitsu. In contrast, the origin of Pencak Silat is still unknown.


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