Difference Between 5w20 and 5w30 (With Table)

The car’s engine is the most vital part that ensures that your car is running properly. Sometimes, people use unsuitable engine oils for their cars that would reduce the lasting time of the car’s engine. It’s pivotal that the engine oil should be suitable for your car’s engine to increase the lasting time of the cars.

5w20 and 5w30 are two of the car’s engine oils that people can use for maintaining the health of the engines. Both of these car engine oils are known for their different properties and features.

5w20 vs 5w30                

The main difference between 5w20 and 5w30 is that 5w20 and 5w30 engine oils differ in their consistency and would work in a different manner. The 5w20 has a less sticky or gluey consistency. On the other hand, the 5w30 is known for its sticky and less flowy consistency.

5w20 vs 5w30

The 5w20 is great engine oil that comes with a medium sticky consistency or is less thick engine oil. The places with cool weather or climatic conditions should use the 5w20 engine oil for better results. Due to its less thick consistency, the engine oil would be a good choice for avoiding friction.

The 5w30 is amazing engine oil that comes with an extremely thick consistency. Due to its consistency, the 5w30 would not be able to go very smoothly for the engine. The best weather for the 5w30 is the hot weather or temperature.

Comparison Table Between 5w20 and 5w30

Parameters5w20    5w30
Definition                                      The oil which is used for helping the engine to run properly and is not very thick is tagged as 5w20.Popular engine oil used for making the engine run and would be quite thick in consistency would be identified as 5w30.
Consistency       The 5w20 engine oil is popular for its fine and less gluey consistency.      The 5w30 comes in a thick consistency that would not be flowy at all.
Suitability                      Cool air (or weather) is important for the 5w20 engine oil.  Hot air (or weather) is pivotal for maintaining the results of the 5w30 engine oil.
Lubricating properties      With suitable weather and perfect use, the 5w20 engine oil would be the best for lubricating the engine of the vehicle.With perfect hot climatic conditions and suitable environmental factors, the 5w30 would not fail to lubricate the engine for better working.
Performance  The performance of the 5w20 engine oil would be best if used in the winter season or months.  The performance of the 5w30 engine oil would be most effective if used in slightly hot or extremely hot weather conditions.

What is 5w20?

One of the renowned engine oils used for increasing the lasting time and helping the engine to work smoothly is known as 5w20. The texture and consistency of the engine oil play a big role in determining the weather conditions that would support its results. The consistency of the 5w20 is flowy and thin, which helps it to help the engine work soothingly in a better manner. The thin consistency of the engine oil would not stay in good condition if used in hot weather. As heat would make the oil go thinner which would affect its working mechanism.

Therefore, to keep the quality of the oil protected, people should use the 5w20 engine oil in cool weather. So that the oil would hold its texture, quality, and consistency for the longest. The thin or less gummy texture of the 5w20 engine oil would go very smoothly in the engine that would reduce the lubrication time of the engine.

What is 5w30?

The oil that is popular for its thick and gluey consistency is 5w30 engine oil. This oil would be the best choice for people that are going to use it for their engines in hot climatic conditions. The thick and less flowy texture of the 5w30 engine oil would be able to sustain the heat. If it is used in winter seasons, then the heavy or thick texture would get frozen or thicker due to the cool air. The quality of the 5w30 engine oil would be one of the best for making your vehicle’s engine work smoothly.

People may find it herculean to work with the 5w30 engine oil. The texture of the oil would not help in the faster lubrication of the engine. The oil would take some time to help the engine get lubricated as the thick texture would call a huge amount of friction. Due to its sticky and thick texture, the oil may get cover the whole engine as some parts may not get lubricated.

Main Differences Between 5w20 and 5w30

  1. The 5w20 engine oil would flow in a faster manner as compared to the 5w30 engine oil.
  2. The 5w20 engine oil would be able to cover all the parts of the vehicle’s engine for lubrication which may not happen in the case of 5w30 engine oil due to its properties.
  3. 5w20 is an oil meant for enhancing the performance of the engine in hot weather conditions. On the other hand, the cool weather calls for the 5w30 engine oil.
  4. The lubrication time for the engine taken by the 5w20 engine oil would be very less as compared to the 5w30 engine oil.
  5. 5w20 is good engine oil, but would not be suitable for observing the lubrication effects for a long time. On the other hand, the effects of the 5w30 engine oil would last really long if used in summers.


 Engine oils are always the basic requirement of the engine to improve its performance. The engine oils should be chosen by the person wisely as not all the engine oils would go in every weather. Both 5w20 and 5w30 engine oils are good enough to make the engine run efficiently, but these two oils differ due to their texture.

If someone is looking for safe engine oils that would go in slight or extremely hot weather, then the 5w30 would be always on the top of the engine oils list. People pondering about an engine oil to support the health of the engine during the cold climatic conditions should go for the 5w20 without doing much research.